Our brand new MacGregor, 70 Anthem, is one of the fastest boats on the West Coast.  It is considerably faster than our previous 70, which we actively raced. In a recent Newport to Ensenada race (the 120 mile, 420 boat race from Newport Beach, California to Ensenada, Mexico) was one of the first boats to finish, beating virtually all of the very best west coast racing machines, including Merlin,  Ragtime and Santa Cruz 70s.  Our original 70 was first to finish in the 125 mile Marina Del Rey to San Diego race. 

Even with a PHRF rating of minus 42, the boats has done well on corrected time.

Unlike the big racing boats and custom speedsters, Anthem has a full, plush interior, a very comfortable cockpit, and can be sailed single handed.  

Our newest MacGregor 70 was the third 70 to be built. 

The newest 70 wil go an astounding 18 mph under power.  The interior is similar to the MacGregor 65 (100 were built).  These were the best selling large cruising and racing sailboats in the history of sailing.   We have added a lot of speed by using the ketch rig, lighter weight, and a longer waterline.

The new 70's are similar in concept to the MacGregor 65, but it is a lot faster and more dramatic. We built 100 of the MacGregor 65's

Anthem great looking and extremely comfortable.  This famous ketch is one of the most beautiful sailboats ever built.


Anthem is designed for worldwide cruising and chartering, and is the best selling large yacht in the history of sailing.  It is one of the few production yachts built the American built to the Bureau of Shipping's +A1 standards and for Coast Guard certification.  It is also the fastest production sailing yacht, under sail or power.

No big production sailing yachts have accumulated more deep sea sailing miles.  There are nearly a hundred 65s sailing all over the world.  In total, these boats gets more abuse, stress, pounding, rig loads and overall grief in one year than most competing types of boats get in a lifetime.  They have been sailed from our factory in California to Istanbul, Yugoslavia, Spain, Ecuador, Malta, Bermuda, Germany, Holland, Hawaii, Australia and the Caribbean.  One 65 sailed from Newport Beach, California to Australia in  6 weeks, on her maiden delivery voyage.

Professional delivery captain Don Ross writes the following:  "After logging over 30,000 miles delivering the MacGregor 65 and comparing it to the numerous other cruising yachts I have delivered, I find the MacGregor 65 to be the best cruising yacht on the market...I spent 5 days in a North Atlantic gale, surfing down huge rollers, and hitting speeds over 20 knots.  It was incredible to be sailing that fast, but the 65 was right at home.  My crew and I just hung on and enjoyed a record breaking 7 day 14 hour passage from Bermuda to Horta (in the Azores)